HUSH Music
Jun 01, 2016

New Music Alert: 'Find Your Feet' EP

We at HUSH spend our days with headphones on, going through music of all genres, appreciating the classics, and falling in love with new discoveries. We always feel the need to stop and acknowledge when we've found a gem... and we definitely stopped in our tracks when the gem we're loving is produced by our dear friend, Mark Delaney. Having collaborated with him on various HUSH projects, Mark has now dedicated his time and effort to creating Find Your Feet (released on May 30th) - an electronic EP, where the beats will have people wanting to dance for hours. Hailing from Hastings UK, Mark's hometown has majorly influenced Find Your Feet, so much so that is appears on all 4 tracks through various field recordings and audio samples of the local environment.

So, if you're looking to keep a party going on one of these summer nights, this EP will do the trick.

Sharing our favourite track on the EP, check out "Brute":