HUSH Music
Jun 30, 2016

On Replay: "Freetown Sound" by Blood Orange

This week, the world has had the pleasure of listening in to what sounds like Blood Orange's personal diary scribblings. This third album of his, "Freetown Sound" is all about race, and acceptance - he strips himself naked emotionally and allows us to connect with him on a deeper level than his last two albums. With each of his 17 R&B tracks, we are invited to hear, understand, and relate to insecurities and worries, his hopes and fears, something that most artists are afraid to reveal.

His D'Angelo like vocals are complimented by a few other heavy hitter pop stars including Nelly Furtado and Carly Rae Jepsen. With the clippings of street noise and film samples featured on almost every track, the album has labeled "chaotic" and "haphazard" but a unique album that absolutely must be experienced from start to finish .. and we couldn't agree more.

Must listen to: "Best to You"